Adam & Annette :: Orlando, FL

Adam & Annette live in Manitoba, like where it’s so cold your eyeballs may freeze.  (And yes, a lot of us wonder why, but apparently they have some silly notions about helping people and blah blah blah whatever.)  So anyway, I’m really happy that instead of making me go to Manitoba for their engagement photos, we were able to meet up in warm and lovely Florida (for a brief escape from the longest.winter.ever.)

I met Annette around 11 years ago– and have admired her unique style and confidence (and colorful hair!) ever since.  She is kind, funny, beautiful, and full of surprises.  This girl, oh man, she really is one of my favorites.  So Adam must be someone REALLY special to have caught her eye.  (Just look at the way she looks at him!)   I’m looking forward to celebrating their upcoming wedding, and welcoming Adam to the family!


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