Baby M

I LOVE repeat clients (ya’ll can just keep having babies, ok?).  I love watching relationships and families grow right in front of my eyes.  Baby M has an awesome older brother (and parents) and I couldn’t wait to hang out with them again.  Look at this little sweetie!

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C Family :: Waterdown, ON

One of the MOST awesome things about this photographer life is getting to see families grow!  Bumps and babies and weddings, oh my!  I absolutely love capturing capturing these moments and they’re even more special when you start to consider the subjects your friends. <3  This adorable and clever little family is about to get even MORE adorable and clever, I’m sure!  Stay tuned!

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Ernest & Lindsay :: Niagara-on-the-Lake

When Linday asked if I wanted to photograph her wedding in a vineyard, there was only one answer.  But it would be really small and simple.  And there would be a dog in the ceremony.  YES. YES. YES!  I was a bit nervous since we’d only met over Facetime (because no one seems to have gotten that whole teleportation thing figured out yet) but Ernest and Lindsay were hands down the most relaxed couple I’ve ever worked with!  And Olive was a big old silly puppy!


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This is what a best friend looks like– she is colorful, crazy, and kind, thoughtful, silly, funny, and smart.  She loves to laugh (a lot!), and loves my babies as much as I do.  She is full of joy and is a blessing to all who know her.  And I am so, so, so grateful for her friendship!  Oh, and she’s smokin’ hot too.  So there’s that.

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