December(rrrrr!) engagement photos

When Matt & Kristin asked me to take some engagement photos of them I was TERRIFIED.   You see, Kristin is the sister of my dearest Melissa friend and Matt is a great photographer, visit to see.  I was just a little intimidated but they were very kind to me (I mean, just look at them!) and they had some fantastic ideas for their photoshoot in Port Credit, Ontario.  I will say this, it was freezing but I don’t think either one of them really noticed– they were too busy stealing smooches, snuggling, and giggling the afternoon away (I think they may be in love or something).  I seriously love engagement photos— *insert shameless plug here*— everyone should get engagement photos, it’s so much fun!

Matt & Kristin were so relaxed and enthusiastic and we got some really great stuff, take a look:

Matt, Kristin— congratulations again!

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