Derek & Laura

I LOVE engagement photos (have I said that before?)!  They are my favorite sessions to photograph– two people, in love, planning their future together, the promise of what’s to come– I just love it.  I was excited that Derek & Laura had asked me to take their engagement photos at Gage Park and I was even MORE excited to meet the new soon-to-be-family member– Laura is my husband’s cousin and I hadn’t yet met this “Derek” that everyone speaks so highly of.  It didn’t take me long to see that Derek & Laura are great together, they love to laugh and tease each other and even share the same taste in hockey teams.

We’d planned to meet at the park at almost the exact time as a thunderstorm warning was put into effect (uhm…awesome) but thankfully the sky stayed clear for us and we were able to get LOTS of really great photos.  I think by the end of the night even Derek mumbled something about it not being “that bad.” I’ll take it!  😉



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