Family Vacation

I don’t normally go on vacation with my photography clients but… this family’s kinda special 😉  My husband has known them since high school– we’ve celebrated weddings & anniversaries together, cruised the Caribbean together, and welcomed three spirited little ones into their family– so it was an obvious next step in our friendship to try a week-long family vacation together.   It would make or break us.

Here’s just a tiny bit of what I learned from our week-long glimpse into parenthood:

  • kids wake up really early
  • Yo Gabba Gabba is not just baby talk, it’s a real guy tv show
  • after being asked “what’s that noise?” by a two year old 8,000 times a day, you just start to make stuff up
  • it is possible for a chubby, goobery, pukey but grinning 5-month old to steal your heart (even “Uncle Worm” was smitten)
  • little baby crabs live under rocks, are fast, and look a LOT like spiders (and must be screamed at upon discovery)
  • it’s a miracle if you end the day wearing the same clothes you started with (and don’t end up changing because you’re covered in food, snot, puke, drool or other bodily fluids)
  • the adult to child ratio should be no less than 4:3 (and even then it can be tricky!)
  • dinner time must always be followed by bathtime
  • four year olds are really smart (Emma is “smarter than Einstein.”)
  • a cup of coffee is never finished in one sitting

We had a great fall week in Cape Cod and spent our time climbing rocks, hunting crabs, collecting shells, flying kites, visiting an aquarium, enjoying a ferry ride, meeting alpacas, riding buses, and savoring those few precious moments of adult time before collapsing into our beds (around 8pm, haha).  And best of all?  We’re STILL friends!  😀


Now who else wants to take me on vacation?  I’ll take photos, I promise!

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