Maternity Session Tips!

You’re having a baby!

You’re so excited (and maybe a little terrified) about your growing family and I’m thrilled that you’re considering me to capture such an exciting time in your lives!  Maternity sessions are a wonderful way to mark this time of preparation and anticipation and to welcome the addition of your new family member.



Here are some helpful tips to make your maternity photo session go smoothly!

Where: Choose a location that’s meaningful to you or your family.  What special places are you looking forward to sharing with your new little one?  Where do you like to spend your time together as a family?  Most of my maternity sessions are held in the parents’ homes or outdoors at local parks, beaches, waterfalls, family property, around town… What kind of look do you want for your photos and where are you comfortable?  (And what’s the weather like?) 😉




What to Wear:  Something that makes you feel GREAT, of course!  If other family members are being included in the photos, choose clothing that complements each other’s (but isn’t too matchy matchy)!

  • Keep it comfortable and natural-  if you’re comfortable dressing up, then go for it!  But if you’re more relaxed in jeans and t-shirts, wearing a style that’s not as comfortable for you (or your baby belly) probably won’t help you relax.
  • Try to keep it simple- avoid too many crazy patterns or bright colors unless it’s an accessory like a scarf/tie.  (There are TONS of clothing ideas on Pinterest!)  A simple, form fitting top can really show off your belly.




  • Wear a few layers or bring a change of clothing if you want a casual look and then a more dressy one and feel free to accessorize!
  • If you want to have any bare belly photos taken, be sure too wear clothes with loose fitting waistbands to avoid lines. 

  • Don’t forget your hands and feet!  Your fingers and toes may show up in some of the photos so it’s a great excuse for a manicure & pedicure!  (you might not want to wear your dirty, green, lawn-mowing shoes… unless that’s really the look you’re going for…)
  • Your wedding rings or any sentimental jewelry.


Props: Props can be really fun!  Involving important elements of your family relationship is a fun way to make your session personal… treasured items from your childhood, books, toys, shoes, gender revealing objects (pink balloons, blue socks, etc.)…









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