On the way…

Remember Maria from this session… and this session?  Well… I’m actually quite happy to say that I don’t think that dress will fit now!  But she is even more breathtaking…  She and hubby Brad are expecting their first little one at the very end of December and couldn’t be any more adorable if they tried.  Don’t believe me, just have a look:

Maria and I have this incredible knack for picking the COLDEST DAYS EVER for our photo sessions and this last one was no different.  But Maria was as fearless as ever and the sun was even shining!  We had fun and even managed to take a few photographs!

Brad and Maria, you are going to be fantastic parents!  Thank you for a great afternoon of chatting and (oh yeah) pictures!  May your house be full of love and laughter (like it already is!) and lots more handmade elephants!

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