Proofing Tips

How it works:

  1. Once your images are ready to view, I’ll email you the link and password to your gallery of images.
  2. Click HERE and find your gallery.  Log in as many times as you’d like!
  3. Choose your images: either mark your favorites (with the little heart icon) OR make me a list of all the images numbers and sizes you’d like!  (At this time canvases and other gift items are not available from the proofing site and may only be ordered through me directly.)
  4. Pay for your order with a credit card through the proofing site OR through me directly (gift certificate, e-transfer, check, cash, etc.)  ***If your session package includes digital images, mark your favorites and contact me before making any additional payment.
  5. Enjoy your photos!


Only those with the password to your gallery can enter and see your images, but please feel free to share with your friends and family!  When you log in with your own email address (the one you’ve used to correspond with me), you will have the option to hide any photo that you don’t want others to see (if you’re planning to print some images as gifts, the session was a surprise for the grandparents, you don’t want everyone to see images of you getting into your wedding dress, etc.)  It’s up to you!

Viewing Options

1) Flow View: a thumbnail overview style that shows several images per page, each image in its portrait or landscape position.

Hovering over an image will show a shopping cart (to add the image to your cart) and a heart (to mark that photo as a favorite).

2) Individually: clicking on a photo will allow you to view each photo individually.  Use your left or right arrow keys or click the thumbnails to view more images.  There are also different social media options to share your favorites right from your gallery (so handy)!  If you want to see an image even bigger, click the little magnifying glass in the corner of the photo.

3) Slideshow: Just let your whole gallery of images play automatically!  This is especially useful when showing family & friends.  At the top of the slideshow, you can change the play speed and add images to your cart.  Hovering over an image will let you add it as a favorite.

I hope you find the proofing gallery easy to use but if you run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  🙂

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