Toronto Party Band

Ok, what girl would be crazy enough to say no when five dapper and (um, very!) musically talented gents ask her to be the sole member of their audience (and oh yeah, bring a camera)?  NOT ME!   I pretty much said “yeswherewhenthankyou!”  But ya know, I totally played it cool. 😉

I don’t think it could be said enough, these guys are AMAZING.  Amazing enough that I’d get married all over again (to the same guy of course!) just to have them play at my reception.  Seriously, they’ll rock your socks off.  I don’t know of any other band that’s able to pull off such a wide variety of songs with such mad skills as these fellas– don’t believe me– check out their set list and audio clips (love that Rockin’ Fifties Medley)!  If that’s not good enough, stop by the Total Wedding Show THIS weekend to meet them!

So, without further adieu, I present to you, the always classy Toronto Party Band!  *crowd roar*


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