M&N :: Married

Girl(s) in white dress(es) with blue satin sash(es)…

A year ago today– it was chilly, it was windy, it was… a beautiful answer to prayer.  Mwai & Naomi got married!  They are the best of the best as individuals and together… look out, world.  Their paths to each other were winding (and a bit long 😉 ) but there is such a richness to their relationship and no doubt that God brought them together.  (Fun fact: they shared an apartment– but not at the same time– before they even met! How crazy is that?!)

A LOT can happen in a year, especially in a first year of marriage, and I’ve loved seeing Mwai & Naomi embrace each celebration and challenge together.  Happy anniversary, you two crazy kids, LOVE YOU!

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M’s First Birthday :: Scarborough

When this little cutie cake turned the big O-N-E last fall, her celebratory photos were a family affair!  Her big brother was right beside her– playing in leaves and showing her how to handle cake!  Mom and Dad even got in on the sweet fun.  Loooove this little family! <3

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Ryan & Caroline :: Engaged

Fall first date, winter dating, spring engagement, summer wedding!  When you know, you just know!  I’m very excited for my brother-in-law to add a sister-in-law to our merry band of outlaws 😉

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