Color :: Up Close

I’ve been looking for an excuse to play around with my new macro lens and with the weather being as cold as it is, there’s no way I’m going out to photograph teeny tiny snowflakes (I’m a warm weather photographer, sorry not sorry)!   One of my very dearest friends gave me a coloring book and pencils for my birthday last month and I’ve been diligently working at it page by page.  For absolutely no good reason at all, I’ve been collecting the pencil shavings and broken tips in a bowl every time I sharpen– they’re so pretty!  And now that I’ve immortalized them for all eternity on the interwebs, I should probably throw them away…


Did you know they make coloring books for grown ups too?!  So fun and relaxing!
What is with pencil tips breaking so often when you sharpen them?  I’ve wasted more than I’ve used!
Can images of colored pencils be considered fine art?
Why do Canadians call colored pencils “pencil crayons?”



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