Family Session Tips!

You’re making memories with your family!

Family photos are SO important, I doubt anyone has ever truly said that they have too many family photos.  I know I always wish there were more photos of my family taken when I was younger!  Thank you for considering me to capture your family’s memories in the making!

How I Work:  I’m most comfortable when your family is– the best smiles and expressions happen when you and your children are allowed to run around, explore, and interact with each other.  I’m looking to capture those real moments when you’ve probably forgotten that a camera is even there.  But we’ll make sure we get those “everybody smiling at the camera” shots too so don’t worry!  🙂

Here are some helpful tips to make your family photo session go smoothly!

Where: Choose a location that’s meaningful and comfortable to you or your family.  Where do you like to spend your time together?  Most of my family sessions are held at family homes or outdoors at local parks, beaches, waterfalls, around town… What kind of look do you want for your photos and where are you comfortable?

***If you’re planning to have the photos taken in your home, make sure the space is nice and tidy.  Hide any clutter in closets or other rooms that we won’t be using (Come on, I can’t be the only one with clutter…right?  Please tell me I’m right?) 😉

What to Wear:  Something that makes you feel GREAT, of course!  Choose clothing that complements each others’ (but isn’t too matchy matchy)!

  • Keep it comfortable and natural-  if you’re comfortable dressing up, then go for it!  But if you’re more relaxed in jeans and t-shirts, wearing a style that’s not as comfortable for you and your little ones probably won’t help you relax.
  • Try to keep it simple- avoid too many crazy patterns or bright colors unless it’s an accessory like a scarves/ties.  (There are TONS of clothing ideas on Pinterest!)
  • Wear a few layers or bring a change of clothing if you want a casual look and then a more dressy one and feel free to accessorize!
  • Don’t forget your hands and feet!  Your fingers and toes may show up in some of the photos too.

Props: Props can be really fun!  Involving important elements of your family relationship is a fun way to make your session personal and giving children something to do other than “say cheese” helps bring out those natural expressions too!






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