Guelph Grads :: 2017

If you’ve been a client of mine or follow my work at all, you might have noticed that none of my sessions are the same– and that’s because none of my clients are exactly the same!  And I loooooove it!  Each session is completely catered to my flients (not a typo, my own special combo of “friend” and “client” ;D) and we work together to create memories and images that capture them.  And THIS session was no different.  An outdoor grad session? At a gorgeous university with rich heritage? With four friends who are SUPER smart but not afraid to be silly, beautiful and sincere, and just bursting with potential? YES PLEASE.  They all studied vastly different subjects but formed a fierce friendship that I’m positive will take them far into their futures.  Friends for life, no doubt.  Look out world, here they come!

*now if only we could control the wind… and those darn sashes… 😉

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