Happy Mother’s Day!

This special Mother’s Day post is brought to you by… the growing Been family!  Adrian, Jess, and their first little monkey invited me to take some photos as they eagerly await the next part of their family journey!  I love taking family photos at home–seeing how families interact and play together in an environment that they’re already comfortable in is such a cool experience, and little ones especially are able to relax and show their natural selves a lot more.  Big Sister-to-be was an absolute delight to play with (the balloons and the fact that I encouraged her to jump on the bed– something she’s not normally allowed to do– didn’t hurt my cause!) and had no trouble sharing her infectious giggles in front of the camera.  And Jess is gorgeous, she just rocks this whole pregnancy thing like it’s no big deal.  

Adrian & Jess, I am so excited to see your family grow and to celebrate with you!  Thanks for a lovely morning…and afternoon!

To all the hard working mamas out there (I don’t know how you do it!), I pray that this Mother’s Day you will be blessed, encouraged, and inspired by your children the way that you bless, encourage, and inspire them every.single.day.  And THANK YOU!

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