M&N :: Married

Girl(s) in white dress(es) with blue satin sash(es)…

A year ago today– it was chilly, it was windy, it was… a beautiful answer to prayer.  Mwai & Naomi got married!  They are the best of the best as individuals and together… look out, world.  Their paths to each other were winding (and a bit long 😉 ) but there is such a richness to their relationship and no doubt that God brought them together.  (Fun fact: they shared an apartment– but not at the same time– before they even met! How crazy is that?!)

A LOT can happen in a year, especially in a first year of marriage, and I’ve loved seeing Mwai & Naomi embrace each celebration and challenge together.  Happy anniversary, you two crazy kids, LOVE YOU!

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