Newborn Session Tips!

You have a BABY!!! 

I love new life and and am so excited that you’re considering me to photograph such an incredible miracle for your family!  Be sure to take a look at my gallery—  every photographer has their own style and I want to make sure you choose me because you value my work and trust me to get lovely images of your newest arrival.  I take a lifestyle approach and tend to keep things fairly natural with the addition of a few props but am always willing to try something new!

I’ve compiled a list of helpful advice below to help make your newborn photo session go smoothly and to give you an idea of what to expect.  If you have any questions (or any tips to add), please contact me!


Timing:  I recommend contacting me before your baby is born to ‘pencil in’ your session.   I’ll add your due date to my calendar and you can add me to your list of people to call as soon as the the little one arrives.

Newborn photo sessions are typically done between 1-10 days old– photographing them that young will allow for more of those sweet, squishy, sleepy poses that are oh so cute!    Between the 3-7 day mark is ideal as your baby has likely fallen into a general feeding/sleeping schedule by this time, hasn’t hit any major growth spurts yet, and probably isn’t trying to stretch out.  Keep an eye out for their their sleepiest time– a lot of newborn photos work best if the baby is asleep so anything you can do to encourage this is helpful!

Temperature:  Babies like to be WARM (especially if we’re doing any nudey shots)!  If we’re sweating, they’re probably happy little snuggle bugs.  Space heaters and heating pads can be really helpful.   If the weather is warm (and if you’re comfortable with it) we can take the baby outside.

Tummies:  A full baby is a happy, sleepy baby!  (Well, it works for me anyway…)  Try to feed your baby just before the session and burp them really well– no one likes a gassy tummy.

Other Tips: 

  • Your Home: Don’t fret about your house being too clean, because, um, you just had a BABY!  Just try to make sure that the area(s) we’ll be photographing in are well lit (natural light is ideal) and are relatively tidy.  Areas we typically use for home sessions are nurseries, master bedrooms, and near sliding glass doors or big windows for some pretty light.  (I tend to rearrange furniture, but don’t worry, I’ll always ask first and put it back where I found it!)  So just make your bed and feel free to throw the clutter in a closet and let the dishes pile up in your kitchen sink– I won’t peek, I promise!
  • Props: Get out any items you want used in the session beforehand– special gifts, toys, books, blankets, tiny shoes, etc.  I also have a collection of props, baskets, & blankets and we can go through everything together to see what will look best in photos.
  • Clothing for parents:  If mom & dad are joining the photo session, keep your clothing simple.  Feel free to wear some color but skip busy patterns.  Cotton shirts (without buttons) are great!  Your hands and feet may also appear in photos so make sure your fingers and toes are looking tidy!
  • Clothing for baby:  Keep it simple– solid onesies, bare feet, just a diaper, or even nudes are SO sweet while fancy outfits tend to overwhelm and distract from your little one’s natural cuteness!
  • Diapers: Please loosen the diaper and clothing a half our before the session as diapers can leave marks on their skin that will show up in any nudey shots.  Cloth diapers & covers can also be cuter than bulky disposables.  Don’t worry if your baby has to “go” during our session.  All of my blankets and cloth props are washed before/after each session (and it won’t be the first time they’ve gotten pooped/peed on!)  It might be helpful to keep some wipes & old towels nearby to clean up any messes.
  • Calm:  Try to keep the noise to a minimum.  If you have other children (or noisy pets) and would like them photographed with the baby, I recommend bringing them for the beginning or end of the session and then having someone take them.  Only those being photographed should be present so that we can maintain a calm environment for the baby.
  • Expectations:  Newborns often have their own plans for how a session will go and we have to let them set the pace.  Newborns can be notoriously unpredictable and it’s important to stay relaxed because they can sense anxiety and stress.  Patience is key and we may take many breaks for diaper changes, feeding, and cuddles.  It’s ok if they don’t want to sleep, awake babies are still cute babies! 
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