Real Mom Makeover

I’m part of an awesome, kind, helpful, compassionate, understanding, diverse, and hard-working group of moms on social media and this past summer three of us got together to offer one generous giveaway– a Real Mom Makeover complete with haircut and styling by Linda Felice (Salon Indulge), makeup application and tips by Alexis Willms (And a Touch of Gloss), and a photo session by… me!  To enter the contest, our members simply had to make a food donation or an online donation of any size to a charity of their choice.  That’s it!  And of the several entries, one was chosen to win– our big winner is hard-working mama, teacher, and Thirty One rep who could not have been a more worthy recipient!

Linda did an amazing job cutting Kathy’s curls into an asymmetrical bob and Alexis kept her makeup classy and natural to emphasize her natural WOW features– eyes and smile!  Check out the before, during, and after photos!

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