So, this happened…

This year Norm and I hit the big 10th anniversary and to torture ourselves mark the occasion, I decided I’d better practice what I preach and get our photos taken, like professionally.  As in, fork over hard earned, real life dollar bills ya’ll to stand awkwardly in front of a camera.  Not gonna lie, I was terrified.  This girl is definitely more comfortable behind the lens, but you know what, I’m really glad we did it. 

There are always excuses not to have photos taken or to wait, please believe me, I’ve used them myself.  I’ll wait until I get a haircut (or until my bangs grow back from one self-cutting disaster or another), until I lose several pounds, until I find something decent to wear, until the weather is nicer, until we have kids, until….  never?  I love looking at old photos of my parents and grandparents when they were growing up.  And although I have questioned some hairstyles and clothing choices (ahem, the 80’s were particularly unkind to my family), I’ve never once thought, “oooh, they really should’ve waited until (insert excuse here) to have photos taken.”

Some of my clients are SO awesome at being ready and willing to trust me to capture their lives in the moment.  But if you’re holding back, for whatever reason (I think I’ve heard them all), let me encourage you!  Please don’t wait until you’re engaged, or wearing size 2 skinny jeans, or after your teeth are whitened, or finally receive your third PhD, or once darling daughter gets her braces off, or until the kids are a little older and will be able to cooperate better for photos.  Sure, you may have goals and dreams but whatever stage you’re in, your life is happening now and this time matters too!  Find a photographer you can trust to record those memories and experiences with you.  I truly don’t think you’ll regret it.

So even while we were being eaten alive by noseeums, getting sand in our pants, the southern weather had turned dark and chilly, my hair was frizzing by the second, and there were so SO many other things in our lives that were definitely not picture-perfect, we had a really great time together just being our awkward and silly selves.  Thank you to Amber from Little Elise Photography in Hilton Head for beautifully capturing some memories for us.

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