Stacy & Nolan

It’s nice to attend a wedding as a guest on occasion and when that happens, I usually leave my camera at home and politely stay out of the way of the professional photographer’s (after all they’ve been hired to capture all of those special moments so the rest of us can focus on celebrating with the happy couple!).

But… I love weddings… and I really love family weddings!  So when my cousin asked me to take some photos at his wedding rehearsal and later at the reception after the hired photographers left, of course I said YES!  It was great to be able to shake it on the dance floor, carry a bag that weighs less than a seven year old, and even have a drink (or two!) with my family but I got to photograph some beautiful people at gorgeous venues too!   Take a look…

It was a beautiful weekend (pre-rehearsal heat and hurricane rain included) and the weather could not have been more perfect for the reception at Raleigh’s Angus Barn Pavilions.  Stacy, welcome to the family!  I can’t wait to see your photos from F8 Studios!

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