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Hornsveld Family :: Hamilton, ON

I’ve photographed the Hornsveld family several times now and I still never know what to expect (except that there will probably be more of them and that I will laugh a LOT).  And this time was no different.  We had a chilly but great vintage-christmas-cowboy-winter picnic at Webster’s Falls last weekend!

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Mike & Jess :: Romulus, NY

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and again and again), I have gorgeous cousins!  Mike and Jess are expecting their first little one to arrive sometime (hopefully!) before Christmas and they make waiting look oh so lovely!

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van der Wier Family :: Hamilton, ON

I love photographing families!  Families of alllll ages, shapes, and sizes change and grow so fast (I don’t need to tell you that) and we’re all so busy which is why I feel especially excited when people take the time for a photo session– it’s sorta like hitting the pause button.  To just stop for […]

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