The Inconsoleable Blueness of Jeans

Did you know that Backporch Creative (that’s me!) provides more than just family and wedding photography?  Check out these photos from yet another creative production by Burlington’s own Tottering Biped Theatre!

The Inconsolable Blueness of Jeans
by Trevor Copp

A pair of jeans in the world, the world in a pair of jeans. A girl buys a pair of jeans at the mall. It bursts into a global event:  the sales rep, the manager, the designer;  the composer of the store music;the field where the cotton grew, the mine where the button metal was extracted…  It’s multi media dance theatre telling of a new fable for the globalized world, it takes the interconnected web we are shaking daily and makes it real, human, and alive.


It’s always exciting to see what they’ve working on and this show was a beautiful experience.  

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