R&C :: Married

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Baby C :: Hamilton, ON

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Gina’s Total Beauty :: Grand Opening

Congratulations to the hardworking, dedicated, and

J Family :: Hamilton, ON

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M&K :: Stoney Creek, ON

Balloons aren’t just for kids’ birthday

Baby U :: Hamilton, ON

Little boys are seeming to dominate my editing queue

C Family :: Grimsby, ON

This fantastic family came together as a surprise for

D-S Family :: Grimsby, ON

I was honored to help mark this special occasion for a

Baby E :: Beamsville, ON

I have tried writing this blog post a few times now,

Gage Park :: Hamilton, ON

Creative collaborations will forever be my favorite! 

Baby B :: Burlington, ON

Mat leave is such an interesting time… I am SOOOO

A-S Family :: Burlington, ON

Ummmm, how much do I love this family? Like, a lot!